Storm Damage Restoration

Severe snow, wind, hail – storms can spring up on us at any given moment. When disaster strikes and your roofing system is damaged, the structure is at its most vulnerable. As a result, elements can quickly make their way inside, wetting insulation, walls, floors, and your personal belongings. At Watermark Restoration Solutions, our methods for storm damage remediation are designed to handle your emergency service board-ups and tarp needs to prevent further damage and restore your space.

Reliable Storm Damage Restoration

If a tree falls on a house, and no one is around to hear it, does it still cause damage? The short answer is, yes! Whether your home or business is faced with water damage from a falling tree or a weakened roof, the experts at Watermark Restoration Solutions are here to get you back on your feet.

To ensure we meet the needs of every home or business owner, our emergency storm damage remediation services handle damage from:

  • Ice

  • Wind

  • Tornadoes

  • Hail

  • And More

Why Chance Storm Damage to Anyone But the Experts

Has your Michigan home or business recently suffered damage from a storm? Watermark Restoration Solutions is just a phone call away – our experts will thoroughly assess the storm damage and ensure the structural integrity of your property is safe, secure, and dry.

We are proud to provide dependable storm damage restoration services alongside our partner company, Trademark Building Solutions. At Watermark Restoration Solutions we have licensed adjusters, licensed builders, and HAAG certified roofing inspectors on staff to assist in even the largest property restoration project.

When Mother Nature strikes and water damage occurs, look no further than the pros at Watermark Restoration Solutions. To learn more about our storm damage remediation services, contact us today.