Appliance Fire Remediation

Appliances bring us convenience and simplicity when it comes to our daily lives. However, when we are faced with an unforeseen emergency like an appliance fire, they can become the source of devastation. Watermark Restoration Solutions, Inc. has the necessary IICRC certifications and newest specialty equipment for proper fire restoration. Our team of licensed builders and former insurance adjusters are able to help you through all phases of appliance fire remediation. This includes testing, board-up services, documenting, and emergency mitigation. We will also locate and remove odors, clean your property and can refer you to our trusted partners to complete full-service structural repairs.

What are the Causes of Appliance Fires?

Appliance fires are a serious hazard that can cause significant property damage. There are many different causes of appliance fires, but some of the most common include:

  • Faulty wiring: Overheating, arcing, or short-circuiting can all cause electrical fires.

  • Defective appliances: Appliances with damaged insulation or faulty components can also start fires.

  • Improper use: Overloading appliances, using them for extended periods of time, or using them in a wet or humid environment can all increase the risk of fire.

  • User mistakes: Leaving appliances unattended, using them while cooking, or placing flammable materials near appliances can all lead to fires.

Why Choose Watermark Restoration Solutions?

To ensure we complete an appliance fire remediation plan specific to your home or business, our expert team will first assess all your damages before creating a plan of action. As a result, our thorough restoration process includes:

  • Identifying the source and assessing damage

  • Evaluating materials that may be damaged as a result of smoke and soot particles

  • Removing and packing out affected contents for cleaning and storage

  • Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors

  • Sealing off areas to prevent odors from leaking back into the house

  • Cleaning, eliminating odors, and deodorizing surfaces to pre-loss condition

  • Returning belongings to the original location/condition, helping to make your house feel like home again

Have you recently faced the devastating effects of an appliance fire in your home or business? Our professionals at Watermark Restoration Solutions are here to provide you with dependable methods for appliance fire remediation. To learn more, contact us today.