Restoring Order After Disaster

Disasters can happen at any time. From water damage remediation to fire restoration, the pros at Watermark Restoration Solutions will help you get back on your feet.

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Don’t go through a disaster alone. We’re here to help.

Michigan Property Damage Restoration

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Unforeseen disasters can be emotionally devastating for those who experience them. They can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, and fear. They can also lead to feelings of grief, loss, and anger. For those who have experienced the devastating effects of a fire, water damage, mold, or any other disaster, you are not alone. The experts at Watermark Restoration Solutions are here to help. Our end goal is to leave the environment clean, safe, and dry - and of course, ready for any necessary reconstruction.

Watermark Restoration Solutions has decades of combined experience. As your leading source for Michigan property damage restoration, we provide a wide range of remediation services, including:

When the unexpected happens, it's frustrating trying to anticipate what comes next. Our professional team is trained and certified by the IICRC to accurately inspect, clean, and remediate any property damage. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies, enabling us to help every client navigate the insurance claim process.

When disaster strikes, trust Watermark Restoration Solutions to ensure a hassle-free remediation process. To learn more about our dependable methods for Michigan property damage restoration, contact us today.

"This company is beyond amazing. Our family is still getting used to living in our house, and thought we were settled. Then last weekend, the ice storm. Our sump pump backed up and basement under water Chris drove to us during the storm to take a look. WHAT. Who does that! His professional yet compassionate approach has been all we needed. Chris has guided us the entire way, and I am confident that the follow up will be the same. The team he sent is exactly the same, Dan was so detailed and took time to explain everything to us. Dan's partner Sarah was equally ensuring, such a relief that I knew she was helping me. Anyway, an outstanding business. Highly recommend."

- Happy Client